Club Constitution

Article I.


Buckeye Tang Soo Do


March 31, 1997


  • Leslie Flaum, Cho Dan Bo
  • Simone Genna, Sam Dan
  • Stanley Haught, 10th Gup
  • Sandy Farrar, Faculty Advisor


LOGO: Buckeye Tang Soo Do Approved Logo

Section V. PURPOSE:

  1. To promote brotherhood, leadership, and self confidence through the discipline and training Tang Soo Do.
  2. To give the members a positive role model with positive feedback.
  3. To provide professional martial arts training to the student and faculty community.
  4. To teach members how to protect their lives and possessions from danger.
  5. To promote physical and spiritual health through rigorous training.


The Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club will not discriminate against any individual for reasons of race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, sex, age, handicap, or Vietnam-era status.

Article II


Members can be currently enrolled students or faculty of The Ohio State University and must be registered with The World Tang Soo Do Association within five weeks of their first class. The majority will be defined as fifty percent plus one and must be undergraduate students. Any other persons wishing to train will be recognized as non-voting Club members. Transferring martial artists must obtain a letter of transfer from their former instructor or equivalent. These members may have their membership voted upon by the officers and Chief Instructor and be denied with just cause. The Chief Instructor will consult with the former instructor in these cases.


Any member may obtain a copy of this constitution upon request. Other documents related to the Club may be released to the members at the discretion of the Officers and Chief Instructor.


  • The Buckeye Tang Soo Do Chief Instructor and the current club Officers will resolve quarrels among members or Officers. Any student that does not represent The Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club, The Ohio State University, and The World Tang Soo Do Association in a respectful and professional manner may be given three warnings concerning their conduct. After this has occurred, the current club Officers and Chief Instructor may hold a vote that will determine as to the student’s dismissal from the Club. The student will be judged as to their behavior both in and out of class. If it is deemed that a student be dismissed, he/she will be released from any duties that they held for The Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club and are subject to future membership at The Chief Instructor’s discretion. A student may be placed on temporary probation for a quarter.
  • Upon dismissal, the student will maintain their membership with The World Tang Soo Do Association and must obtain permission from the Buckeye Tang Soo Do Chief Instructor to continue training at any other World Tang Soo Do Association studio.

Article III


Only full time students, graduate or undergraduate, who are registered members of The World Tang Soo Do Association are eligible to hold an office. The candidates will hold office for one year and must be able to show proof of their intention to stay in the Columbus, Ohio area during their term. A person may hold more than one, but no more than two, offices, with the Presidency exempt. The Buckeye Tang Soo Do Chief Instructor will be exempt from holding any position other than President or Treasurer. The officers and club members may hold a vote to decide to offer the instructors a fee for their service to the club. Upon vacancy at the Chief Instructor position of Buckeye Tang Soo Do, the successor will be named by the former Chief Instructor or the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Section II. OFFICES:


  • Coordinates officer meetings.
  • Coordinates elections and voting.
  • Representative for Club in Ohio State community.
  • Oversee external concerns of the Club.

Vice President:

  • Aid President in all his/her tasks and duties.
  • Aid Treasurer and Secretary in any problems that would arise.
  • Oversee Internal concerns of the Club.


  • Coordinates all fund raising activities.
  • World Tang Soo Do Association applications.
  • Budgeting forms.
  • Balance the Club’s check book.
  • Order merchandise needed for the Club.
  • Advise Buckeye Tang Soo Do to buy needed materials for class usage.


  • Record attendance at classes and meetings.
  • Record minutes at meetings.
  • Maintain records of past alumni and update any records.
  • Create promotional ads for the club.
  • Aid in new member presentation.


Offices may be created as the organization grows. This is considered an amendment to the present Constitution and must adhere to the current regulations. Recommendations include:

  • Public Affairs. Flyers and promotional articles.
  • University Affairs. Increase membership.
  • Demo Team Captain. Coordinate the Demo Team and decide on its content.
  • Home Page. Create and maintain a Buckeye Tang Soo Do home page.


  • Elections will take place during the third week of spring quarter every year.
  • To be appointed to an office, a candidate must receive the majority of the votes.
  • Candidates for an office are considered non-voting members of the general assembly and are not allowed to vote. Therefore, they will temporarily not be counted into the majority.
  • The majority of the general assembly must vote on candidates for a decision to pass or fail.


  • A member must have all dues for The Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club paid in full.
  • Be a registered member of The World Tang Soo Do Association.
  • Have at least two quarters of active participation with the Club.
  • A member’s qualifications are subject to approval by the Chief Instructor of The Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club.


Nominations will be taken at the meeting or the class prior to the time the position is expected to be vacated. Elections will occur at the next meeting or class.


A voting member is defined as:

  • Paid Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club dues.
  • A registered member of The World Tang Soo Do Association.
  • A student, undergraduate or graduate, of The Ohio State University.


The general assembly is defined as the voting members during each quarter. Voting privileges include leadership positions, amendments to the Constitution, and formal changes. Only officially World Tang Soo Do Association registered members can be recognized as voting members.

Article IV


  • An academic advisor will be appointed from the full time faculty or administrative/professional staff at The Ohio State University.
  • The Club may have more than one but no more than two academic advisors at any given time.
  • The Advisor may participate in classes as a non-voting Club member.
  • The Advisor may act as an ex officio officer at the officer meetings.
  • The Advisors tasks include:
  • University affairs
  • Communicating with the Buckeye Tang Soo Do Chief Instructor and Officers.
  • Act as a role model and mentor to all members of the organization.

Article V


A meeting of the officers will occur every other week starting with the first week of the quarter. Finals week will be exempt from the quarter; this will allow approximately five meetings per quarter. This meeting will be led by the President and will have a discussion concerning upcoming events, announcements, future meetings, classes, votes, or changes to the Club.


Special and emergency meetings may be called by either the President or Chief Instructor of the Club.

Article VI


At the second to last officer meeting of each quarter the current Constitution will be voted upon by the officers and presented to the general assembly at the following class. Any new amendments must be raised at this time for voting. The amendment will be voted on at the last class meeting, the majority must participate in the vote.

Article VII

Section I. FINANCES:

  • Dues will be collected as a non-excessive amount for the student service.
  • Dues must be paid as a stipulation of membership.
  • Dues shall be collected quarterly during the beginning of each quarter.
  • Expenditures are determined by the Officers and Chief Instructor and are subject to approval by The Ohio State University.
  • Each member may see the current financial statement upon request.
  • Finances will be distributed for Buckeye Tang Soo Do related materials and must be approved by the Chief Instructor, Officers, and The Ohio State University.
  • All students are required to register with The World Tang Soo Do Association as a stipulation of membership, this fee to be set by the Chief Instructor of Buckeye Tang Soo Do.
  • The fee for quarterly promotion testings will be set by the Buckeye Tang Soo Do Chief Instructor.

Article VIII


  • All registered members of The World Tang Soo Do Association will maintain their membership.
  • Dissolution must have three quarters majority, or seventy-five percent plus one, vote to dissolve the Club.

Article IX


  • Classes must be conducted or supervised by The Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club Chief Instructor or a World Tang Soo Do Association certified instructor.
  • Martial arts matters concerning the training methods, training procedures, or safety precautions will be left to the professional discretion of The Buckeye Tang Soo Do Chief Instructor.
  • The Chief Instructor will refer to the guidelines and requirements designated by The World Tang Soo Do Association to solve matters.
  • In the case of a discrepancy between The Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club Chief Instructor and The Ohio State University’s policies and procedures, the latter will apply.
  • The Chief Instructor will maintain studio and instructor certification with The World Tang Soo Do Association.
  • Promotional testings will occur at most once per quarter. The fee, participants, and time of this event will be determined by the Chief Instructor of Buckeye Tang Soo Do.
  • All requirements for students and instructors as stated by The World Tang Soo Do Association must be adhered.


Section I. :

Amendments to the constitution will be proposed by the officers and voted upon by members according to the guidelines in Article III. For an amendment to be passed, it must be approved by a majority of voting members in attendance at the time of voting.

Section II. :

When a tie occurs during an election for an officer, a revote will be held in which only undergraduate, OSU students will vote. If the revote should result in a tie, the candidate with the most senior rank will be awarded the office.

Section III. :

As long as the club is financially able (the determination of whether the club is financially able is at the discretion of the officers and the chief instructor), the club shall purchase one standard association black belt dobahk for each BTSD member who passes a World Tang Soo Do Association black belt test.

Section IV. :

As long as the club is financially able (the determination of whether the club is financially able is at the discretion of the officers and the chief instructor), current BTSD officers will be exempt from paying BTSD club dues for the year in which they hold office (Summer Quarter to Spring Quarter).

Section V. :

If a current officer is unable to fulfill his/her duty or is inactive from the club for a period of one month, excluding summer quarter, his/her duties will be reassigned. The officers will hold an initial vote to determine whether a current officer, a group of current officers, or another club member will assume the vacated office’s responsibilities. A majority decision is required. If it is voted to allow a current officer or group of current officers to assume the vacated office’s responsibilities, the officers will then decide and assign the responsibilities. A vote is not required. If it is voted to elect a new officer, a vote will be held by the general assembly during the first two weeks of the following quarter to determine who will fulfill this responsibility for the original officer’s duration. The election process will be identical to the other officers.

Section VI. :

The Safety Officer shall act as an additional office in the Buckeye Tang Soo Do organizational leadership. The Safety Officer’s responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the current club activities and advising on safety issues.
  • Ensuring that all safety precautions have been addressed prior to club practices, events, and outings.
  • Distribute, complete, and submit OSU Health Insurance Waivers to the Department of RecSports from all active Buckeye Tang Soo Do members.
  • Maintain a current First Aid and CPR certification.
  • Compile an emergency contact list for all Buckeye Tang Soo Do members who are traveling to an off-campus World Tang Soo Do Association or Buckeye Tang Soo Do event.
  • Maintain and restock the Buckeye Tang Soo Do First Aid kit.
  • This is a mandatory office and must remain filled at all times.
  • This office may be held either in conjunction with another office or as a stand-alone office.
  • If this office is to be held in conjunction with another office, the Safety Officer will be determined by a majority vote of the current, non-running officers with a majority agreement of the general assembly.
  • If this office is to be held in conjunction with another office, the responsibility of maintaining current OSU Health Insurance waivers will continue be the Vice-President’s.
  • If this office is to be a stand-alone, the voting procedure will be identical to the other offices.

Section VII. :

Any non-student who meets the first two requirements of Article III Section VII, i.e. has paid Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club dues and is a registered member of The World Tang Soo Do Association, may also be considered voting members for all general assembly referendums.

Article X

Section I. CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT: The Ohio State University Code of Student Conduct applies to the team and its individual members.

Article XI


If the team is suspended for violating the Code of Student Conduct, Competitive Sports will appoint an Interim President and an Interim Treasurer. The Interim President and Interim Treasurer may (1) transfer signatures and check writing authority for the organization’s bank account to themselves within thirty days of the suspension, (2) pay existing financial obligations out of the organization’s current funds, and (3) when the period of suspension ends, take appropriate steps with Student Activities to re-register as a student organization. Further, the Interim President and Interim Treasurer shall inventory the organization’s equipment and write a plan for its storage and safekeeping during the suspension period. This plan must be submitted to Competitive Sports within the first thirty days of the suspension. During this suspension no new coaches or staff should be hired during this time. All club assets are frozen during this suspension period meaning nothing should be bought or sold during this time. Should the Interim President or Interim Treasurer wish to take any additional actions, they must seek advance approval from Competitive Sports.

Article XII


In order to return as a recognized Sport Club team, The Interim President must provide Competitive Sports with documentation that team is a recognized student organization. The Interim President must also provide a roster of at least 15 students to Competitive Sports along with a written plan to hold elections. This plan should, to the extent possible due to the terms, length and timing of the suspension, resemble the provisions contained in Article XI.